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Nickel Free Jewelry

Don't let nickel allergy limit your self-expression! There are still many choices for nickel allergy sufferes and many companies specialize in nickel free jewelry. Sterling silver, titanium, tungsten and murano glass are all great nickel free choices!


One of the largest gatherings of nickel free jewelry in one place! Nickel free earrings, necklaces, bracelets, men, women and children. We pre-sorted so you will go straight to the nickel free section.


A web site that caters to people who suffer from nickel allergy. This site has a wide selection of nickel free jewelry. You can shop the entire store knowing that everything is nickel free.

Contrary to popular belief, stainless steel is NOT nickel free! Stainless steel holds the nickel tightly bound within it, but it still contains nickel. Many nickel allergy sufferers can wear stainless steel with no allergic reaction. Some cannot. It all depends on how allergic you are and how much nickel was mixed when making the steel. Titanium, tungsten and sterling silver are better choices.

Celebrity Silver.com

This is a fun store....nickel free jewelry inspired by top celebrity designs. Most of their items are in nickel allergy free, .925% fine silver.

Nancy Draper

Nancy Draper is an artist specializing in nickel free jewelry. She uses materials such as stone, freshwater pearls, Bali silver and even recycled glass! Unique, hand-crafted pieces at great prices!

If you have a nickel allergy you should tell your orthodontist before getting dental work done. Some braces and dental appliances contain nickel. That is the last place you want to develop a severe allergic reaction, your mouth!


Looking for a bargain? This site specializes in selling overstocked items. We link straight to their sterling silver collection sorted from lowest to highest price.


Great selection of men's Titanium, Tungsten and Zirconium jewelry. These three metals are great nickel allergy free choices.

A cure for nickel allergy could be on the way? Researchers have discovered the specific pathway that leads to nickel allergy. In fact, the research has helped lead to a possible cure for nickel allergy altogether! While still years away scientists are making headway. Until then, keep shopping for nickel free jewelry!

Could people with nickel allergy have a bonus resistance against cancer? A recent Danish study shows some interesting results for nickel allergy sufferers! Check it out, and more, on our Nickel Allergy News blog!


This site has a large selection of nickel free designs that are made specifically for nickel allergy sufferers. "Click to Shop" links you direct to their nickel free items.


We like this site for it's selection of exotic designs in .925 sterling silver. If you are looking for something unique this site is for you. The prices are affordable and the pieces are interesting.

When you buy gold jewelry the higher the carats the less likely you are to have an allergic reaction? However, stay away from white gold! It is often nickel that is used to turn the gold white!

Did you know there are many crafts-people selling nickel free jewelry on Ebay? We link to a search that brings up over 200 items. Once there you can sort by earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc.


This site has tons of nickel allergy free sterling silver and murano glass earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings at discount prices.

The European Union banned nickel from being used in jewelry back in 2000. They understand that nickel is actually very toxic. Hopefully, the U.S. will follow suit with it's own quality standard in the near future! If you are on vacation in Europe, shop without fear, it is nickel free!


This Swedish company only carries jewelry that is specifically made for nickel allergy sufferers. Medical grade titanium and medical plastic are two of the materials they use.

Make your own!

You can take many items you already have and make them nickel free by using your own "findings". Findings are the raw parts jewelry is made from and here we link to a wide selection. Earring backings, clasps, etc.