This website was created to help the 600,000,000 sufferes of nickel allergy lead a nickel free life.

Nickel allergy is one of the most common allergies yet often goes undiagnosed. Once nickel allergy is diagnosed it becomes obvious that nickel is difficult to avoid in day to day life. Why? Nickel is a very versatile metal that has many uses. It is mixed with other metals to make metals stronger, shiny or more durable. In fact, nickel is mixed with yellow gold to make white gold!

Yes, it is difficult to lead a nickel free life, but we think we can help. We search the world looking for suppliers of nickel free items and we present those suppliers to you in this website. We make nickel free shopping easy and convenient. Check back often to see what new stores we have found!

In addition to shopping you can also learn. We search for articles and studies on nickel allergy and we present them to you in this same site.

We want to be your source for all things nickel free!