Nokia Sourcing Nickel Free?

Nokia is sourcing nickel free

Nokia going nickel free?

While researching the websites of various cellular phone manufacturers we found this disclaimer on Nokia’s website:

“All Nokia devices comply with strict global safety and quality standards. We use nickel at levels well within current legal and safety limits. Our policy is that all our new devices are free of nickel on the product surfaces.

Since as early as 2001, we have voluntarily complied with restrictions on the use of nickel as defined in the EU Directive 94/27/EC of 30 June 1994 amending the Directive 76/769/EEC. This directive was originally targeted for products where the materials often are in direct skin contact for longer periods of time, such as jewelry. In the future, the directive will cover mobile devices as well, and we have addressed this requirement in advance.

Over 40 of our recent devices, such as the popular Nokia 5800 XpressMusic and the Supernova series, come without nickel on the surface coatings or any under-layer, giving people with allergies lots of choice. The information about whether a product includes nickel or not can be found in the eco-declaration of each individual product.

Some metal alloys used on product surfaces, such as stainless steel, inherently contain nickel, but standardized testing has shown that these do not cause nickel sensitivity in the general population. However, Nokia offers a wide range of models without stainless steel on their surfaces as well.”

So you should be able to jump over to their site and look up the exact Nokia phone model you are looking for.  The following link should take you straight there :)

Nokia cell phone look-up.

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