More progress towards a nickel allergy cure!

An exciting break-through has been announced in the quest for a nickel allergy cure.  Researchers, this time in the United States, have found that applying nano-particles to the skin of mice blocks the entry of nickel into the body (they must have activated the TLR4 receptors in mice, see the post below).  Developing these particles and adding them to a cream could potentially work in humans (no testing on humans has been conducted yet).

However, this would be more of a cure for people that work in a nickel heavy environment, like a battery manufacturing plant or a metal foundry.  It may not be as convenient for people that do not work in such environments.  For instance, it would not help at all for earrings that contain nickel, and it could prove cumbersome to have to apply, and re-apply, a cream just to wear necklaces, bracelets or belts that contain nickel.  Even with the cream it will probably be easier to shop nickel free.

It does show that progress is being made (and someone is actually working on a nickel allergy cure!) so stay tuned for further developments :) .


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