Nickel allergy protects against cancer?

Finally some good news for nickel allergy sufferers?!  A recent study by Danish scientists found an interesting link regarding contact allergies and certain types of cancer.

Between 1984 and 2008 the Danish Department of Dermatology skin patch tested nearly 17,000 people.  The results were recorded and provide an invaluable database.  The scientists in this recent study took that database and compared it against the Danish Cancer Registry.  Results were very interesting.

The comparison showed a decreased risk of breast and non-melanoma skin cancers in allergy sufferers.  Contact dermatitis, like nickel allergy, is a result of the immune system being hyper-responsive.  The study suggests that this over-reacting immune system has some benefit in patrolling against rogue cancer cells.

While more research is needed, it provides some interesting clues as to how the immune system and nickel allergy function, hopefully towards an eventual cure!

Here we link to the full study: BMJ Open

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