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Nickel Allergy Articles

Learn everything you need to know about nickel allergy from these great articles! Did you know that ALL metals can cause allergies? Did you know that there is nickel in foods? Protect yourself and your family through nickel free education.

Nickel Free Life

This Nickel Free Life original article explains why sterling silver is a good choice for nickel allergy sufferers. In addition, learn tips on how to shop for nickel free sterling silver and what to watch out for!


The Mayo Clinic is a well known pioneer and innovator in medicine. Their article on nickel allergy provides a great overview, including how to prepare for a visit to the doctor if you think you have nickel allergy.

Many food items are high in nickel? If you have a strong nickel allergy and you have some health issues, you might want to check and see if you are eating a high nickel diet!


This article is a little more scientific and talks about nickel allergy and how it compares to other metal allergies. It sites several scientific studies.

Canadian Medical Assoc.

An interesting little article about a patient that had a strange rash on his face. Eventually it was discovered that he was allergic to the nickel in his cell phone! Just shows you how hard it is to live nickel free!

Nickel allergy is on the rise in the United States. While nickel allergy has dropped dramatically in parts of Europe (thanks to legislation banning nickel) some studies now suggest that 15% of the U.S. population has nickel allergy.

Asthma and Allergy Center

A very informative, yet easy read, on nickel allergy. The article includes the prospect that some cosmetics might contain nickel and explains the problem regarding nickel in food.


Another good article on nickel allergy and a great chart on foods that contain nickel, including what amounts each contains.

People with severe nickel allergy can be affected by the amount of nickel in their diet? Studies suggest that high nickel diets might lead to chronic skin conditions and other systemic problems. Eating a nickel free diet is something you should discuss with your doctor if you suffer from nickel allergy.

Nickel is mixed with gold to create...white gold! Nickel is a very versatile metal and is melted and mixed with other metals. Why? Because nickel can make other metals stronger, shiny and more durable. No wonder it is so hard to lead a nickel free life!

Nickel Free Life

Another Nickel Free Life original article explaining the allergic response to metal and how metal can enter the body through the skin. The specific focus is on nickel allergy.

Nickel Free Life

People with nickel allergy don't fully understand all the ways metal can enter their bodies. This article is designed to give a brief overview of nickel entry points and explains why it is hard to lead a nickel free life.

Nickel allergy has been on the rise due to our cultural attraction to body piercing? Many people receive their first major exposure to nickel as their body piercing heals. Always insist on nickel free product when getting pierced!


This is the government's official report on nickel. It contains more than you could ever want to know about the substance! Nearly 400 pages! This links to a .pdf file so you need to have Adobe Reader.

Toxic Substances and
Disease Registry

This is a 10 page condensed read on the toxicity of nickel. This links to a .pdf file so you need to have Adobe Reader.

That the reaction caused by nickel allergy is no different than the reaction caused by poison ivy? Both substances can cause a massive allergic skin response that destroys tissue causing redness, swelling, blistering and open wounds!

DermNet NZ.org

Did you know that many foods contain nickel? This article brings up the subject of nickel in food items. It includes a list of foods that are safe and foods that should be avoided.


The American Osteopathic College of Dermatology has a database on skin disorders. This is their article on nickel allergy.