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Nickel Allergy Tips

Here we give you tips on living with nickel allergy. Some tips are from our own research and some are from nickel allergy sufferers just like you! Won't you please share your nickel free solutions with us so we can share them on this page?

Annette from New Jersey

HI! GREAT SITE! THANKS for posting that about dental work, I thought of that when I asked for a gold crown for my tooth (porcelain breaks too easily), because I knew they mix a non-precious metal into the gold to harden it.

My dentist used palladium, which worked great.

Also: Did you know that not all sterling silver is safe? Some makers are now coating the silver in nickel to keep it from tarnishing! I found out the hard way. :(

A jeweler in NJ told me this; she said silver from Mexico is coated in nickel. Maybe others too. Be sure to warn ppl about this!

Also, Claire's, a chain store geared to teens, sells allergy-free jewelry, and I can attest it is nickel-free because I have worn it.



Max from Italy

Max let us know that he is having a nickel allergy reaction from a popular computer mouse, the Logitech MX Air. You might want to avoid this product if you suffer from nickel allergy. If the metal parts do indeed contain nickel then shame on a company as large a Logitech for allowing this! We will follow up with Logitech and see what they have to say. We will post what we find in our blog section.

Howard P. from California

Baking soda has nickel in it and baking powder has baking soda in it. Don't use it for a deodorant if you have nickel allergy.


One of our editors, Janice Enright, has has written an article that touches on the subject of nickel in food!

Howard P. from California

Also, people who are allergic to nickel are usually allergic to chromium and other like names (chrome, ______ dichromate, etc) and cobalt. So don't use any soaps with a green or blue color or other skin products, the color usually comes from one of these metals if you read the ingredients.

David K. from Arizona

I read somewhere that Levi Strauss company has a policy against buying from suppliers that use nickel in their products. My son has nickel allergy and he usually gets a rash where the rivets on jeans touch his skin. Lately we have noticed that the Levi's we have bought him don't give him any problems. Hopefully, other companies will do this. Long live Levi's!


We have confirmed this to be true and provide a link to Levi's policy here. Let's hope other apparel manufacturers follow suit and source their products nickel free.

Susan from California

My son has nickel allergy. He gets an allergic reaction to the rivets on his jeans and I use something called "gorilla tape" to cover them. I get it at Home Depot. I cut small circles of the tape and cover the rivets. It is incredibly strong and lasts for months and lots of washes before falling off.

Joan L. from California

I don't think this is new but I use a clear nail polish to paint a coating on my necklace clasps and certain jewelry/ clothing. For some reason the cheaper brands seem to last longer than the expensive ones.