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Nickel Free Belts

Shop for nickel free belts and nickel free belt buckles here! Hypoallergenic belts are some of the more difficult products to find for people with nickel allergy, so we started a sister site: NickelFreeBelts.com! All our nickel free, hypoallergenic belt buckles are custom made and laboratory certified to be nickel allergy free!


Finally a store that carries just one thing: Nickel free belts! No more belly rash here! Nickel free belt buckles that are laboratory certified to be nickel free and tons of great nickel free belts to choose from :)


This belt store has a huge selection of custom made nickel free belt buckles. Almost any theme imaginable! On their site just type "nickel free" into the "description" field and hit search.

It is not the nickel that causes nickel allergy? It is the sweat from your skin that reacts with the nickel to make a salt compound. Sweat creates a nickel salt compound that is absorbed through the skin and this is what creates the problem for nickel allergy sufferers. That is why people often notice nickel allergy flare up during hotter months or after repeated exercise. Got belly rash? If you have a rash on your stomach, you probably need a hypoallergenic, nickel free belt! Get nickel free belts and nickel free belt buckles at the stores to your left!